The daughter (17) and I usually cuddle up and chat a bit before we go to bed. She rambles on about stuff that interest her, and I try to take an interest in it (the word to watch being “try”). Sometimes it gets a bit out of hand.

Kid: You know in the book series (the infernal devices), some people ship* Tessa and Jem (‘Jessa”) and some Tessa and Will (“Wessa”). thankfully, Tessa gets together with Will and since she is immortal and he is not, after he dies, she gets together with Jem too. Isn’t that cool? You know Magnus is also immortal.

Me: So, after Jem dies, Tessa should get together with Magnus – you know – Messa or Tagnus.

Kid: Eww…Magnus and Tessa are like siblings

Me: But are they?

Kid: No, they are LIKE siblings.

Me: What crap? Either they are siblings or they are not. Since they are not, I ship Messa.

Kid: Ewwww…

Me: And I ship Will with a door knob

Kid: WHAT?

Me: Yeah – Will and Door knob – Dill.

Kid: What have you been vaping?

Me: And Jem with a tube light. Tem.

Kid: I can’t talk to you..

Me. Go Messa. Go Dill. Go Tem.

Kid: Go to bed.

* For the ancient relic reading this – “ship” is to pair. Not that thing that floats,

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