This is my workspace now, thanks partly to the backpain caused by sitting on chairs and partly to my move to a more traditional lifestyle*#.

Here was my schedule yesterday

10.00 AM: Sit down (literally) to work.  I sit cross-legged on the floor with back upright. When it gets uncomfortable, I stretch my leg under the table and/or lean against the wall.

10.30 AM: Maid arrives.  Get up to attend to her – make her coffee etc.

10.45 AM: Sit down to work

11.00 AM:  Ironing guy comes for clothes.  Get up, attend to him and return.

11.01 AM: Sit down to work.

11.30 AM: Maid done with her work and calls me to anoint my back with medicated oil (chair-induced back pain, ayurvedic treatment).  Get up for the oil rub.

11.45 AM: Sit down to work.

12.15 PM: Enough soaking in oil, the smell is giving me a headache.  Get up for a bath.

12.45 PM:  Sit down to work.

1.45 PM:  Tea cravings.  Get up, make tea and bring to work desk.

1.55 PM: Sit down to work.

2.15 PM:  Ironing guy comes back with pressed clothes.  Get up, attend to him.

2.16 PM: Sit down to work.

2.45 PM:  Kid messages me from her room in which she is attending online college if she could have tea.  Get up, make tea and give it to her.

2.55 PM: Sit down to work.

3.30 PM: Morning meal digested.  Stomach seeking attention.  Get up, make and eat tiffin.

4.00 PM: Sit down to work.

4.30 PM: Get up to get in the dried clothes from the clothesline. 

4.45 PM: Sit down to work.

5.00 PM: Dad calls on the cell phone.  Get up and go out to take the call because the tower signal is poor in my office room.

5.10 PM: Sit down to work

5.15 PM: Brain doesn’t work.  Get up, and go about doing little chores– putting away vessels, putting way the dried clothes, etc.  Light lamp at the altar. Go for walk. Go to vegetable shop on return. Make dinner. Eat dinner. Watch a show (Endeavour) with family. 

10.00 PM: Sit down to work.

12.00 AM:  Get up, go to bed.

Two questions:

  1. Any wonder my legs fall off by night?
  2. How do I get office work done at all?


*Traditional lifestyle: Warrants a post.  Next one perhaps.

# Traditional lifestyle: While still retaining my non-traditional job that requires non-traditional tools.

** Eat:  Midmorning  meal – traditional lifestyle.

13 thoughts on “My busy day of cross-legged sitting

    1. Trend of sitting on the floor? I wouldn’t be surprised.

      Usually what the East has had as century old practices gets adopted by the West, made into a fad and brought back to us as their own ingenious invention. Examples: Tea from China, Japanese concept of minimalism, and countless Indian customs from yoga, to meditation, to herbal medication, to vegetarianism, to maybe now, sitting cross-legged on the floor. I’ll be glad if they do not patent it and make us pay for sitting the way our grandmothers and grandfathers did !

      But that bitterness aside, my sitting on the floor was because of my back. My ayurvedic (indigenous indian system of medicine) practitioner advised me to sit on the floor with my back straight. It has helped. I was in excruciating pain a couple of weeks back. Now there’s only a trace.

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    1. Actually, it is just laziness I realised that made me use the chair all these years. I grew up sitting on the floor – when I was young, the chair was meant only for “sophisticated” guests. All of us, including old grandpas and grandmas sat on the floor. So bobbing up and down notwithstanding, I am actually more comfortable on the floor. And what’s more, the lower back ache that nearly killed me a few days back is almost gone.

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  1. My knees got sore from reading this!
    I had a similar computer setup for awhile but my “desktop” was actually a bench, with a cross bar, so I couldn’t straighten my legs. I know either sit in bed or go to my western-style desk setup.

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    1. Yeah, I tried that too, but if you can’t straighten your legs now and then, or change positions, especially when you are going to sit for a long time, it gets painful.

      When my daughter completed school and was re-doing her room for “college” life, the one thing she asked was to replace her regular western table with a “ground table” that has been in my father’s house from before I was born. It looks like this:

      She’s very happy with it as am I. This antique desk was gathering dust at dad’s house.


      1. That’s nice!! With my bad knees, a western setup is currently better for me… otherwise I can get stuck on the floor (it’s happened more than once). But I really preferred my floor setup. The bench is nice because it’s narrow, which works in the room. But maybe I’ll rearrange things. As of now, I don’t use the living room at all.

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