My eye sight has been bad for a while now. I do have reading glasses, but I have been trying as much as possible to not wear them because I believe that you need to give your eyes a fighting chance before giving them external assistance.

Last night, at the popcorn stand at the theatre, I was waiting a long time for my token number to be called out before I realised that my number was 436 and not 435 as my poor eyes had misread, and the guy at the counter had been hollering out for 436 for a while. Sigh.

But today takes the cake.

I was browsing my WordPress reader and misread “Will you give me your treats” as “Will you give me your teats”.

I think the glasses are no longer optional.


4 thoughts on “The eye

  1. Been there! Take consolation in knowing it’s literally inevitable (I was in eyecare for 20+ years) and it’s not any kind of failing – the muscles & eyeball lose flexibility. Buuttt… while Vuity only makes your eye squint, two more eye drops – both meant to restore flexibility for focusing – are expected soon (currently in stage 3 trials).

    I have about 12 pair of reading glasses but since I carry itty bitty purses, I almost never have a pair when I out and about – really sucks when needing to fill out forms!!

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