The client who sends gazillion emails asking about the status of their work, would go AWOL the moment they receive the product. How hard is it to simply acknowledge receipt of the edited document?

Second client did this to me in the past three days. I thought acknowledging receipt of an email (not a junk mail, but an email you’ve been waiting for) is basic etiquette?

Or am I a digital dinosaur?


Transitional thoughts

I am sick of monkeys stealing clothes hung out to dry

I am sick of a clowder of kittens waiting for me to open the door so they can run in and run amok all over the house, tripping me.

I am sick of little black bugs crawling all over the house.

I am sick of that big rat snake that nests in my backyard.

I am sick of pests that blow holes into the leaves of my plants.

I am sick of that large mango tree that won’t let sunlight down, so that no plant grows.

There. Now that I have gotten that out of my chest, I can go back to loving my heavily wooded protected forest area neighbourhood.

No really, I love it. Peeves and all.


Things like these that a mom says can lead a teenage daughter to the shrink’s couch, unless she has a good sense of humour: “You look like a bulimic French model on her off day”.

Thank God my teenager has a terrific sense of humour.

The greyness of it all

I am a non-fiction writer by profession. So, anytime I need to write a fact, I fact check it multiple times. It doesn’t matter if I am writing a paid article for a client or a rant post in my personal pseudonomous blog – I always fact check.

This morning, I wanted to reply to a comment on my previous post, and remembered a dialogue from the movie, “The Guns of Navarone”. I did a fact check to see if I remembered the dialogue right (I did). In the process, I ran into a well-written review of the movie.

The following statements from the review resonated with me:

“The overall tone is actually more than a little schizophrenic. When knives and bullets fly we’re encouraged to sit back and enjoy the mayhem and destruction.”

It’s coincidence that I read this today, after having watched The Gray Man last night. God, it’s a painful movie that has wasted the talents of good actors. Seriously, there are entire platoons shooting everything from bullets to knives to bombs at the general direction of the protagonist, who is handcuffed to a bench to boot, and miss him entirely. At what point do we say, ok, let me put my brain back into my cranium? The only thing going for the movie is the overall sexiness of the cast – much like the scene of the funeral of Stark in End Game – too much eye candy.

The Iron Man funeral eye candy collection from here.

Another peeve. The “Sexy Tamil Friend” character, played by ahem., my ex- brother-in-law many times removed*, is called Avik San. A Tamil killer machine with ethics, with a Japanese name? Hmm.

* For the Tamilians out there: Actor Dhanush was married to a woman called Aishwarya (they divorced recently, I understand), who is the daughter of a woman called Latha (the wife of the Tamil superstar Rajinikanth), who’s father (Rangachari, I think his name was) and my grandmother were siblings. That makes Aishwarya my second cousin, and her ex husband, my ex-brother-in-law, removed twice (ha, I got you there, non-Indian readers). That makes the popular music composer Anirudh, also my second cousin. Not that they know me or I have ever met them, or will, in my lifetime.

For the non-Indians out there, the above is like saying “Brad Pitt is my second cousin”, ok?